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Mitigating the Risk Chain in the Decentralized Web

RAID Square's Sébastien Martin on Primary Risk Factors in the Web 3.0 Landscape
Sébastien Martin, CEO, RAID Square

As Web 3.0 gains momentum, it poses major risks - economic uncertainties, cyberthreats and communication challenges, said RAID Square CEO Sébastien Martin. "There is a lot of regulation, and if you're not respecting the regulation, there is a lot of risk in terms of reputation," he said.

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Martin advises organizations to thoroughly assess IT infrastructure, particularly for blockchain integration and smart contract management, to effectively secure and mitigate risks.

"The challenge is to understand what to prove and to use the blockchain well, and also to work on the cybersecurity side because that's, most of the time, the lacking points," he said. "And if you manage cybersecurity, you can more easily enter the Web 3.0 space because you will know the right way to do it."

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group at the Forum International de la Cybersécurité in Europe, Martin also discussed:

  • The potential for blockchain technology to simplify compliance processes and establish data provenance;
  • The challenges organizations face in transitioning their existing Web 2.0 infrastructure to Web 3.0 and the need for a structured approach;
  • RAID Square's efforts to provide software solutions and best practices to facilitate the integration of Web 3.0 technologies.

Martin is responsible for leveraging Web 3.0's transformative potential while prioritizing risk management at RAID Square. He is an expert in Franco-German business law and has experience in legal and compliance aspects of cryptocurrency projects.

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