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State of the Authentication Landscape

IBM Security's Shane Weeden on How the Nature of Online Authentication is Transforming
State of the Authentication Landscape
Shane Weeden, IBM Security

As we approach 2019, is it realistic to think the end of our dependency on traditional user names and passwords is in sight? Shane Weeden, and authentication expert with IBM Security, discusses the future of authentication and why he's encouraged by the Fast Identity Online Organization (FIDO)'s FIDO2 initiative.

Weeden, a senior technical staff member with IBM Security, says it is far-fetched to think that user names and passwords will be phased out in the near-term. There is too much user dependency on them, and enterprises are reluctant to introduce new authentication measures that might add friction to the user experience. But he's encouraged by what he foresees in 2019.

"In 2019, [two-factor authentication] will become ubiquitous," he says. "There pretty much won't be online services that have anything of value that don't offer multiple types of 2FA."

In an interview about the shifting authentication landscape, Weeden discusses:

  • The current state of authentication;
  • Why he is encouraged by the latest work of the FIDO alliance;
  • How IBM Security is helping organizations adapt to the shifting authentication landscape.

Weeden is a Senior Technical Staff Member with IBM Security specializing in strong authentication and access management technologies. He has over 20 years of IT security industry experience across real-time transactional systems, including web and mobile security.

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