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DevSecOps: The New Imperative for Software Security

Adriana Freitas on the Role of DevSecOps in Rapid Software Development Cycles
Adriana Freitas, director of research projects, European Foundation Anti-Phishing Working Group

Many organizations are embracing digital change, and software development and cybersecurity are at the heart of this transformation. But these changes are making the job of application security increasingly complex. Adriana Freitas, director of research projects at the European Foundation Anti-Phishing Working Group, offered insights on the imperative role of DevSecOps in modern cybersecurity practices.

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DevSecOps addresses the risks associated with the traditional fast-paced "break to make" startup culture, she said. This vision for safer software underlines the importance of DevSecOps in preventing data breaches and ensuring the reliability of new technologies. The real impact, Freitas said, is trying to make software safe.

"The problem is that to implement DevSecOps, you would like to see that coming to companies that have already grown to a certain point," Freitas said. "For that, you need talent, which is scarce in the field of cybersecurity, and at the same time, you need different software being implemented in different steps of the software development."

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group at the Forum International de la Cybersécurité in Europe, Freitas also discussed:

  • The critical role of DevSecOps in securing the software development life cycle;
  • Challenges and solutions in implementing DevSecOps across enterprises;
  • The LAZARUS Project's contributions to the DevSecOps community, including tools and resources for cybersecurity professionals.

At APWG.EU, Freitas is responsible for outlining future projects by considering stakeholder needs, conducting market analysis and staying updated on cybersecurity trends. Prior to this, she worked in senior leadership roles at Muster Ventures, Grupo Ecoindustria and others.

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